February 6, 2010

The Snowpocolypse

Yeah, we got hit .... badly. Currently, there is over 36" of snow on the ground. And for someone who gets cold easily and isn't overly fond of winter in general (and who's barely 5'2")... not so much fun. :-P Granted, it is pretty(ish) and it's really funny to watch your family going out to shovel and then see the shorter ones utterly disappear (hahahaha!!!). I was told about an hour ago that this is the biggest blizzard Virginia has had since the 1770s!!! Wow, weather history in the making... and in my lifetime! Sweet (I think)!

Happy to know my family (and the dogs) are having fun!

This was once my car... I wonder if I'll ever see it again? ;-)

But, like I said, at least it looks pretty*ish*

And then I found out that things get infinitely better when the sun comes out!

I want an "I survived the Snowpocolypse" tshirt when this is over!

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