February 11, 2010

I is loved

Last semester was hard. That was the story. God was good... but life was hard. He has done amazing things in my life through it and since then. Every day I am reminded as soon as I wake up and look up at my headboard.

One day, just after a Latin exam (which needless to say, didn't go well), I came home and found This left for me....

A heartwarming poem written just for me from my little sister, Abbey. Every morning, sun, snow, rain, or whatever... I can be thrilled to rise to another day because I wake up to seeing this.... I don't know if I can say I agree with all she says... but it makes me too happy, literally every day, to not share.

Quite a Cutie is My Sister Gabrielle
Abbey Ryan

A friendship unbroken
Between me and the person I tell
I love the person I tell of
She is my sweet Gabrielle
Eyes a sparkling blue
That dance in the light
She's full of fun spirit,
Of strength, and might
Her smile is bright
So much happiness she's brought
Her laughter, she has unconsciously taught
Her voice is pretty
Like a bright summer flower
I'm sure that her kisses
Are sweet and not sour
Her hair is brown
And wonderfully long
Upon her lips, often sits a fun song
Her temper is like a quick bolt of lightening
Strong while it lasts
But it has the room brightening
It's gone in a flash
Here, and then not
It was pretty when here
Leaving her cheeks rosy and hot
Strong in the Lord
And always will be
Her roots are firm
And has put blossoms on her tree
She is quick to love
And quick to forgive
She is generous at heart
Willing to give
She may not be tall
But her friendships keep growing
Her love is speeding
Instead of slowing
You are a fool
To not notice her beauty
Isn't my sister quite a cutie?
I love you, my dear, most darling sister
If she were ever to leave
Ah! How I'd miss her
I admire her joy, that is constantly there
She's a darling, she's such a dear
Isn't my sister... quite a cutie?

Let me say, my dear sweet Abbey is even MORE amazing!!! I <3 you, darling girl! And yes, I cried when I read it... and still get steamy eyes whenever I do (haha! and laugh a lot too). :)

::grin:: I is loved and I love my amazing B'girl. :)

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