September 26, 2011

Her Dreams are Made Reality... pt. 2

So, let me tell you about the day God gave me a building. 
On our way to the beach, we stopped off at the college I transferred to in January.  
I had never actually seen the campus and was extremely curious for some context to where I would be graduating from in the next year.   
There was an extremely cool fountain (In yo faaaace, Lake Bob!!!) 

And as I looked off to my left... I saw this. Just a random building, that I had no clue what it was.
So, curious me decided to investigate. My family was wonderful and agreed to humor the giddy-freshmanlike college senior despite the light drizzle. 
Quite lovely, isn't it? 
We got closer, and there was still no sign or any indication of what this place was... 
^^my fellow investigators^^      
Well then we went inside... we looked like a larger version of a drowned rat. A few students and administrative staff were scurrying around. One of the students came up to us, introduced herself and asked if we needed any help. When we asked, she told us that the building was the Communications Building.
*stunned pause* 
I am a Communications major. I had come from a very small college where the entire campus is made up of two administration buildings and four dormitories. So to me, the idea of having an ENTIRE building for my major.... totally stunned and overwhelmed. 
As I stepped back outside, I looked across the way and saw what was on the other side of the fountain.  
It was this. Also a lovely structure, and it was significantly closer to the fountain. I could have chosen to go that way and explore this instead.  But there was a faint inner nudge that pushed me the other way. 
I can't even describe how non-coincidental it was. There was a very limited time that we could be on campus, and God decided to confirm, once again, that I had made the right decision in transferring. 
This was the day that God gave me a building. 
^^my sister caught this when we got back in the car. I was texting my older sister and geeking out about the awesomeness of the situation^^

September 25, 2011

Her dreams are made reality... pt. 1

 Photos shot through a car window always tend to have an interesting, eery element to them. 

 Personally, I find them fun because they don't need to be anything super professional... just a document of your life's travels. 
How it takes you into tunnels where you really have no idea what surrounds you.   
But those same tunnels still always come to an end.  

^^EH-101 Helicopters for Joseph (um yeah, only my brother would know what they are from that distance). 

September 20, 2011

September 16, 2011

Rainbow Promises

Every time I see a rainbow I am reminded of the promises of God.  
The promises that we are always going to be cared for and that we will never experience the devastation of the Flood. 
Quite a remarkable promise.  
And a beautiful reminder. 

September 6, 2011

K family preview

Much has changed in a year since I last did family portraits for this family.  
Rechelle is now quite the spunky adventurer.  

And I think her big blue eyes have Daddy wrapped right around her little finger.  

I've known Dan and Kristin for the majority of my life...  
And they get more adorable every day. :)  
^^Daddy's girl 
It was hot.  
But the smiles kept coming.