July 26, 2010

Happy Days Include...

Dancing with daddies.... 

Mine dances with all three of his girls during father/daughter dances. Epic win! 

and holding babies... 

I think I'm in love. :) 

(thanks to Nick and Rachel for pics)

July 22, 2010


yes, Robert E. Lee is graffiti'd to this wall. ;) Pretty epic if you ask me. I love the South. :-D 

July 12, 2010


With a variety of things... new lens, new makeup, new colors.

(please don't think me horribly conceited for posting images of only myself. I was just reading about self portraits. lol.)

July 2, 2010


First pics with my brand new, beautiful 50mm 1.4!!! LOOVE it! :-D Now I need to find a person to use it on. hehe!

Me oh so very liking the bokeh! 

Fairy flower! :)