April 28, 2011

JC and Michelle: Formals

She likes him. He likes her. So far, they're off to a good start! 
Classy, adventurous, and flirty (with each other!), JC and Michelle have an adorable presence.  
They met freshman year of college and were smitten pretty much right away. 
They have more fun together than they ever could apart.  
She's studying Journalism. He's studying politics.  
They'll make a fabulous team.  
Soon, they'll be dancing life away together. 
He'll be making headlines. She'll be writing them.  
 Lookout world, you're about to meet America's new power couple! 
And my, my, aren't they cute? 

April 27, 2011

Evan and Bethany: Formals

Bethany has been there through the thick and thin of college years. She's pretty much my fav.
You've heard of the girl with the infectious smile... that's Bethany.  She smiles at you, you're sunk. She gives you the "puppy" face... you're double sunk. You know you're sunk, and all you can do is throw your arms around her and love her. She's just that awesome.
When she told me that Evan was her man, the lightbulbs of perfection turned on.
He's pretty cool himself with his dashing smile and witty sense of humor, it's no wonder he touched her heart. One day, they will be in some exotic country fighting terrorists together.  
Evan found his precious. He brings her flowers, smiles super huge whenever she is around and writes her precious notes on Valentines. 
Their hearts are made of gold. They have blessed all around them and bring joy to the room when they enter (especially when together. Because, com'on, who can't just be happy at these lovely faces?). 
 They see each other's true colors... and it only makes them happier.
The beauties themselves who will be saving the world. 
Go get 'em, kids! 

April 25, 2011

Contest Results!!!

So, back in this post I announced that we were doing a contest (for those of you who became FB fans after the announcement... you should know better and should've been reading. but LIKEs were also counted so you still benefited). What was the prize, you ask? 

Oh, nothing particular. Just a free photoshoot. 

Rundown of the rules were.... for every blog post/FB post, people were supposed to comment. Each person who commented (or "liked") got their name automatically entered into the contest. Numbers were assigned to each contestant and there was a drawing. Out of a hat. No, seriously. A hat.  A cowboy hat, to be precise. 

And now, because you're all about ready to strangle me out of anxiety and tension... out of 62 possible winners...

The winner of a free photoshoot from gabrielle.j.ryan photography is..........................................

Number 55! Charlotte Blacklock!!! 

Charlotte, you are free to choose the date, time and place for your shoot.* Contact me at anytime for your free photos. Congratulations! :) 

*offer applies to the Northern VA/Southern MD/WV area. Can be applied to a family shoot, casual friends shoot, or a senior shoot. Not applicable to weddings or engagement. Expires 4/26/2012.

Bryant and Alyssa: Formals

Bryant and Alyssa... one of my favorite couples to shoot. 
Their relationship is one of the most beautiful EVER.  
Alyssa is the very definition of sweetness classy 
Bryant is the debonair Irishman who can make Alyssa (and pretty much anybody else) laugh to their heart's content 
Just a few weeks ago, Alyssa nominated Bryant as "Gentleman of the Year" with the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW).  
Not surprisingly... He won. 
His faithful love for his precious Alyssa has demonstrated time and time again through his gentle care for her and in his respect towards all women.  
Alyssa made a good choice. 
Lovely faces.
Joyous smiles. 
Excellent hearts.  
Best friends. 
They're pretty much in love. Can ya tell? 

April 24, 2011



Thornton and Dusty 

Abby and Thornton 


The Escape Artist 
Thornton (talking to me, apparently. check out those lips!) 
The Beauty :)  

Midas - Majestic