April 27, 2011

Evan and Bethany: Formals

Bethany has been there through the thick and thin of college years. She's pretty much my fav.
You've heard of the girl with the infectious smile... that's Bethany.  She smiles at you, you're sunk. She gives you the "puppy" face... you're double sunk. You know you're sunk, and all you can do is throw your arms around her and love her. She's just that awesome.
When she told me that Evan was her man, the lightbulbs of perfection turned on.
He's pretty cool himself with his dashing smile and witty sense of humor, it's no wonder he touched her heart. One day, they will be in some exotic country fighting terrorists together.  
Evan found his precious. He brings her flowers, smiles super huge whenever she is around and writes her precious notes on Valentines. 
Their hearts are made of gold. They have blessed all around them and bring joy to the room when they enter (especially when together. Because, com'on, who can't just be happy at these lovely faces?). 
 They see each other's true colors... and it only makes them happier.
The beauties themselves who will be saving the world. 
Go get 'em, kids! 

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