March 31, 2010


Good friend, brother, and amazing future RA person! ;-D


March 29, 2010


Why he is running for Student Body Prez instead of filing for a modeling agency I really don't know....

March 25, 2010


So, the other day I lost one of my favorite earrings out on campus and was hoooorribly distressed. I even resorted to sending out one of the dreaded all student emails in the hopes of finding it.

Thankfully, someone was awesome enough to have found it and turn it in to campus security so I am no longer a sad little off campus girl. :)

I included this picture in the ASE and then realized I actually liked it. And yes, you know something is wrong when you are so photographer nerdy about a picture you send in a "lost! plz help" email. ;)

But I still like it. :)