March 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished.

Well everyone... because you're basically AMAZING we made it this month! Not only that... but we exceeded my goals and expectations!!!

At the end of January, I set a goal. 100 facebook fans and 1000 blog hits by the end of February. Well, ladies and gents.... we are currently at 105 fans and nearly 1200 blog hits (including MULTIPLE international hits from every continent!!!).

Props must go to my 100th fan, Brodi, for his major enthusiasm.

<-- (thanks, bro!) 

I didn't tell you all this at the beginning... but as my 100th fan, Brodi has been automatically entered into a drawing for a free photoshoot. 

What is this drawing, you ask? Well... over the course of this next month I will continue to post. I will assign a number to every commenter and then at the end of the month, I will randomly draw a number and the winning number will win a free shoot.**

 Moral of the story... if you want to win... you should comment. 

Another bonus!!! If you refer one person to me, and they "like" the facebook page as well as set up a shoot with me, you will ALSO win a free photo album with the photos from your next shoot ($40 value). Moral of the story again... word of mouth! Refer me, make sure they let me know that YOU referred them to me, and you win! This offer applies to everyone, not just the drawing winner, so spread the word! It's for your benefit. 

I'm eager to see continued growth and interest in what I provide and hope to hear from all of you either here or on the FB page!

totally random picture for the day -->

** offer applies to the Northern VA/Southern MD/WV area. Can be applied to a family shoot, casual friends shoot, or a senior shoot. Not applicable to weddings or engagement. 


  1. that's awesome =) and I'm so glad you met your goal! I love your photos (I may or may not check your blog every day), and am so excited to see your business expand as you grow as a photographer... =)

  2. Yay! Now there's even MORE incentive to check out your amazing blog!!!!

  3. oo! (commentcommentcomment) :-D does this mean the MORE we comment, the MORE numbers we get and the MORE chance we have to be drawn? ;-)

  4. I comment ALL the time. I should get an automatic enrollment. ;-)

  5. Great idea Gabrielle--
    Love your pictures! : )

  6. I didn't realize there was a drawing... but what an awesome prize!!! :)

  7. the blog hit number is very impressive for so quickly after starting up. congratulations.

    What are you using to count your hits? :)

  8. totally commenting!! =) love you!!