February 27, 2011

Handley Library

In 1913, Handley Library in downtown Winchester opened it's doors for the first time. Judge John Handley of Scranton, Pennsylvania left $250,000 in his will to “ . . . open a Public Library for the free use of the people of the city of Winchester forever.”

The Library has maintained it's Victorian architecture and cozy feel. Complete with spiral staircases, an elaborate dome roof, and a pay phone closet located on the first floor. 

It was the perfect location for me to shoot Susan and JayAre's engagement photos and I am eager to return for more photos later! 

The rainy day made the exterior even more glorious than I had imagined! 


  1. wooooow. That's fantastic! did you ask them if they wanted your pix for their website?

  2. Yeah I did. I offered to have them use them in exchange for photo credit on the site. Sent a few to the library director. So, we'll see what she says. :) She sounded interested when I first mentioned it...

  3. So I kind of want those stairs... :D