February 17, 2011


These are mine. Both yellow, English labs. Both from the same breeder. They're actually cousins. But, other than the fact that they're dogs... I'm not sure they could be more different

Schultz (named for the lovable German Sergeant in "Hogan's Heroes") is going on 10 years old started as a crazy pup who would chew the siding off of our house, but has mellowed into quite the gentlemanly dog since since the new pup came on the scene a couple years ago. 

Rylie is the rambunctious reincarnation of Schultz as a puppy... only in female form. She will bounce around and go literally nuts when you walk down the stairs in the morning and she'll catch ice cubes and dog treats in midair (yeah, we teach our dogs cool tricks). She loves to play, but will throw nearly a temper tantrum when she's ignored (believe me, doggie tantrums? it's quite the sight to see). 

Descriptive of her personality? Yes, I'd say so. 

These next two shots speak more than a thousand words about how my two dogs react to things in such opposite ways. We had a branch fall from one of our trees during massive winds last week. 
Rylie's reaction: "BIG STICK!!!!! NEW TOY! LET ME HAAAAAVE IT!" 

Schultz's reaction: "That will make a huge mess and I don't want to be there when the humans find it."

All in all, I love them. And I think they're gorgeous... when they sit still long enough for a picture. :) 


  1. haha! I love how lazy Shultz looks in comparison to Rylie.

  2. I love the "why am I on a leash over here when you're over there" pout on Rylie's face...such a funny set of dogs ;-)