February 8, 2011

What I did today :)

I've been meaning to do this for... ooooh... two years now? And I haven't. Because I am indecisive and lazy at times. So last week, after hearing the one too many jokes about "when the heck was I going to print pictures go go in the frames an on the cork board" that's been hanging in my room for **cough** over a year... I just broke down and did it. 

I fiiiinally ordered prints of many, many, many of my favorite photos of favorite faces and hung them up. :) So, this is what my wall looks like now. :) and it makes me happy to look up from my desk and see beautiful faces back at me! :) 

many many thanks to Jennifer for the couple wedding photos that were not taken by me. :) 

and I also had the coolest chance to see how happy "extra" pictures can make people when you give them to them. (hehehe **wink**)


  1. *grin* Yeah, I'm working on a similar project myself...I *love* pictures :-D

  2. I love it!

    And I love you! :) *hugs*

  3. Aww... yey! I made it to your wall! :D :D