February 22, 2011

Photographer Forum Magazine pt. II

So, people have been asking... I might has well just say it... 

Some of you will remember me announcing that I made it to the finalist judging round of Photographer's Forum Magazine's 31st annual college photography contest. 

Unfortunately, I didn't place. But, hey... 14,000 entries... and I STILL made it to the FINALIST round! I'm stoked to have made it that far. Perhaps I will try again next year... and am definitely looking for other opportunities in the mean time. 

In other news... it was 75 degrees the other day!!!... Then yesterday we got snow and sleet again. ::sigh:: Go, Virginia crazy weather. :-P 

 ^^ugly dancer feet.... wheeee! 

Will spring every come for real? I was so ready to pull these babies out again and wear 'em for good... (yes, I know. Flip flops before Memorial day is a fashion faux pas... but do I care? Obviously not!).

Spring, how I await thy beautiful blue skies.... 

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