January 30, 2011

Photographer Forum Magazine

Back in October, I found a flyer. A flyer for a contest. A photography contest. Photographer's Forum magazine's annual international contest for the best college photography. Entry fee: $3.00 per picture. 

First prize: $5,000 and a new top grade Nikon camera. 
Second Prize: $3000 and Nikon. 
Third: $1,500 and Nikon. 
Fourth: $500 and Nikon.
100 Honorable Mentions: Full color print in next edition of Photographer's Forum. 

Me: Aww, why not? It's worth a shot. I won't win anything, but at least it's a move towards some sort of thing to boost experience, right?

Three long months later... I get a letter. A letter telling me that my photo is still in the competition. Not just still in the competition. But, in the FINALIST judging round. Really? Me? They must have the wrong person. Nope, the address is mine. The picture is mine. WOW!!! 

I am sure that several hundred people got the exact same letter and there is certainly no guarantee that I will win anything... or even make the "honorable mentions" list. But  hey, finalist round (out of 13,960 entries from the US, Canada, and across the globe)... I was excited (unless you ask my family, who would say I was on the verge of ecstatic). 

Now I am anxiously awaiting February 14, 2011, when the top photographers will be notified. I'm desperately trying to keep my hopes from getting too high... and regardless of the outcome, I am one of many FINALISTS in an international photography contest. 

Shock. Awe. Excitement. Jitters. Unbelief. 

That's me. 

And the photograph that the Lord has blessed and caught judges' eyes... 

Nick and Abby Engaged. 2010. Whether I win anything or not, you two are the most beautiful to me. :) 


  1. Yay! That's really exciting! It's a pretty good picture if I do say so myself...

  2. I'm excited with you! It's a fantastic picture! : )

  3. I am in LOVE with this picture! Where was it taken?

  4. Alyssa, I took it in the field behind my house. :) This was from the engagement shoot i did for my brother and (now) sister in law. :) one of my favorites too.