January 28, 2011

Get Us to 100!

This is a campaign. Sort of. And I need YOUR help. 

Two goals. 

31 days. 

100 people. 

1000 hits. 

Confused yet? 

Okay, good. 

I have two goals that I would like to reach by the end of February.

Goal 1: 
100 "likes" on my photography facebook page. 

Goal 2: 
1000 hits to my blog within one month. I've fallen short here by an average of only 20 hits for the past three months solid.... another 20 hits per month isn't so bad, right? 
Here is where YOU come in. If you are already a fan of gabrielle.j.ryan photography on facebook, pass it on to your friends and family and encourage them to check it out for themselves and become a fan. If you are not already a fan, well... go become one! 

As for virtually all photographers, we really do work by word of mouth. You are the mouth. If you like what we do, YOU are our greatest advertisement. 
Starting February 1st, we will be offering Senior Portrait, Maternity, and Newborn sessions at a limited time low price. If you are interested in a session, or know someone who is, contact us and we'll set up a time with you. 

Keep smiling!