March 11, 2011

Little Harbor Resort: Florida pt. 2

The Apartments at Little Harbor were gorgeous! I fully intend to have at least one room in my house/apartment to be this aqua green color! 

The wall paintings of boats and seashells were awesome. Icanhazplz?

Lounging out and loving it. 

We couldn't decide... what is on this pillow? A tree? Coral? Roots? What do you think? 

The constant companions of the weekend. Sun screen and bottled water. I'll admit it, I'm addicted to H20. 

Oooh yes. We stopped in Union Station on our way to pick up some chocolate for Grandma. Awesome to find... there are no taxes on Godiva chocolate in Union Station! So us, being us, had to pick up even more just on the principle of not paying tax on it! It's goooood too. 


  1. Two votes for coral on the pillow. ;-)
    looks like you guys had a blast!-Abby

  2. Make that three votes for coral on the pillow!