March 10, 2011

Life on a Marina: Florida pt. 1

Last weekend, I got to live here. I got to wake up every morning, look out over the pool and see this. And just over the trees on the other side of the marina, is Tampa Bay... beautiful, glorious, and inhabited by some of the cooooolest creatures EVER! In the marina, we sat for a long time each day watching manatees float around and people watch. Throughout the weekend we also saw alligators, stingrays, dolphins, and more different kinds of birds than I could count (the dolphins totally made the weekend).
Our apartment was particularly cool. Formerly used as condos, the complex was completely awesome and decorated to the nines in a nautical-tropical mix. My idea of a heavenly home (despite of the one bathroom to share among six people..)! 
And there were beautiful, healthy palm trees everywhere you turned. Aren't they just the coolest looking tree ever? 

On the backside of the condos, all along the back porches, there were three pools and three hot tubs that may or may not have been the place I seriously contemplated sleeping each night.... but didn't actually do (next time!)

And of course, Abbey was outside for a grand total of about 5 minutes before her skin went Floridian bronze. Is it wrong to envy someone's tanning abilities? Probably... 

One day, I will live in a place as gorgeous as this. Surrounded by water, sunshine, and palm trees. 

I didn't want to come home. Because this is my home away from home. More to come later...


  1. golly, you have done what none have previously, made me want to visit FL....

  2. I'm with you on the dolphins---they are fascinating in the wild. They were my favorite sea creature until I accidentally snorkeled within 50 feet of a whale. Now, I'm a whale watcher.

    The palm trees...well they are another story.