March 15, 2011

Beach portraits: Florida pt. 3

I'm a photographer. And what do photographers do? We take pictures. Of pretty much everything. That includes unwilling family members who are trying to relax at the beach, despite having a camera lens pointed at them the entire time. Thankfully... my family is pretty willing to go along with things and humor me. :) It's pretty cool that they're so good looking too. 

^^the grill meister. Can I say... he's awesome. 

^^the baby of the family. who couldnt decide what face to put on..

^^ Yours truly. Abbey is getting good with the manual focus! 

^^my model sister. And no, she's not 16 yet. 

^^yay for sunglasses reflections (fail!)

^^he looked at me, i had my camera in position, so he went all dramatic on me. 

^^playing with manual. **happy face**

^^playtime with B'gail

^^brother hugs are the best.

^^fun times. 

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! yay! I *love* your tops, girls!!!