August 16, 2011

What Children Teach Me

It's always fun taking pictures of little ones.  
They have this aura of innocence and joy.    
But are always accompanied with a HUGE does of character. They teach me to stay happy - to laugh at the crazy times and not sweat the small stuff. 
They also teach me that life is just one big modeling session. ;-) We can look up at the camera of life and smile, knowing that the photographer thinks we're beautiful and loves all our little quirks. 
It always "gets me" when I'm doing a session for friends and their children, though...
When suddenly, people you've grown up with are married with children... 
And you can see elements of each parent in the child. You see the love exhibited by the parents. Nothing could sever the love between them. When they fall down or things don't go their way, the first person the little one runs to is one of the parents. They run seeking comfort and help, knowing all too well that it will be given to them. 
It's quite the experience and a bit of a wake up call.  
When we remember that each of is us loved as much and more... by an all greater Father. We are His children... and He is just as available to us; and far more able to assist us in our times of need and hurt. When all we need is a hug... where better to look than in the arms of Abba. 

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when Abba sends one of his children (a mom, dad, brother, sister, friend) to give a hug from Him!

    I needed one tonight and between this adorable little girl and your post, I got one! : )

    She is WAY adorable! And I LOVE your analogy.