August 27, 2011

Operation Restoration

Growing up, I was never good at sports. I could dance... and I did dance. For 12 years I danced. I also combined that with a three day per week workout with my dad and brother at the local YMCA. I absolutely HATED working out, though. I thought it was boring. Only slightly less boring than watching a goldfish swim around it's bowl for the 20th time. But, I was strong and fit, so I kept doing it. 
 And then college happened. Funny how when your brain us utterly consumed with study, suddenly your body forgets that it needs toning and conditioning. It's all about studying. All about making the grade, and not about staying healthy. 

 While I was in college, my health plummeted. I definitely got the "freshman 15" ... and a bit more. I wanted to be healthy, but could never find the time. I wasn't getting credit for keeping myself in shape (unlike other people I know), so it just didn't happen. 
 Until recently. 
It was then that I decided enough was enough. I was sick of feeling "bleh," looking bleh, barely being able to carry my backpack across campus, and definitely missed what little muscle I'd used to have. Then Abby asked me if I wanted to join a kickboxing class with her. Kickboxing? Me? Seriously? *insert laughing hysterically  here * 
Okay fine, I'll go to one class. Just one. It will be good for a laugh. 
 But... then we both got hooked. We both had so much fun, loved the instructor, and were actually learning how to defend ourselves... not to mention got a FABULOUS workout in the process. 
Operation restoration was a go. 
Over the past 8 weeks, I have seen pretty awesome changes. Suddenly, I feel better, can breathe better, am stronger and can see what a muscle actually looks like again! For the first time, I actually LOVE working out. The girl who used to hate the fitness room is now seriously considering becoming a fitness instructor... Talk about weird. 
Still a long way to go 'til things are back to "normal," but progress is progress. 
And yes, that would be me sparring with a black belt. :-) 

**all photo credit goes to Nick, who was awesome to come to class and cheer us on last week. 


  1. Lookin' good, you two! Have fun! :D

  2. Go, girl GO!

    Looks like lots of fun.