August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Today, is an amazing day. It's my sister in law's 25th birthday. She is pretty much amazing and I love her. 

Through the years that I've had the privilege to know her, she has made constant and deliberate efforts to become my friend. She was my friend long before my brother made her his bride

We spend face time together at least three times a week (usually much more!) and have many more gtalk conversations in between. Her fun spirit has brought SUCH an element of joy into our lives and honestly, I could never have asked for better. 

 Dearest Abby, 
I am so blessed that you are a part of my family. The way you make Nick smile, have poured yourself out into each and every one of us, the way you worship and lay it all out before the Lord, the way you can't help but get excited over almost anything "horse," the way we have to smile at each other while sparring together in kickboxing class, the countless pieces of advice you've given me, and the time and energy you've invested in loving, supporting, encouraging, and having fun with us.... each of these has meant the world to me, and it only scratches the surface. 
You're beautiful, both externally as well as deep down in  your princess soul. I love you! 

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