February 17, 2010

Ice... **ouch**


Be thou not deceived.

It may look pretty hanging from your roof and sparkling in the sunshine.

But....yeah... it hurts.

This morning, on my way out to my car... I was greeted by a looooovely black patch of it. Needless to say... I'm rather sore. Praise God, casualties were minor.

Definitely some bruises, and some very pretty looking slice marks on my leg and ankle from the pavement... but nothing broken.

Once again, however, I have sprained my left ankle. (yes, that makes 5 times in the last 2 years. must be soooome kind of record... maybe... not). So, getting to and from work, classes, and photo shoots will be an interesting (and hopefully not too painful) endeavor.

Thankfully, I have an amazing RA and wingmate who helped me get my cuts cleaned and my ankle severely iced (numb toes, anyone?) and not even my pride was overly damaged (no one saw me!).

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