February 26, 2010

Mike and Mike

Or, as I know them, Mr. Smith and Dr. Farris. :)

I was shooting the semi-final men's Basketball game when Mr. Smith grabbed me and says, "Gabrielle! Take our picture!"

Little did I know what this quick shot would lead to.

The day after I sent it to him..... the entire staff of HSLDA had it in their email inboxes. Talk about funny.

This afternoon, I sat in the school coffee shop and studied..... suddenly I hear a booming voice from across the lobby... "Gabrielle! I forwarded your picture to the staff! They loved it! You made us look so much better than we really do!"

Haha! So now... the entire Patrick Henry Student Center knows I took Mr. Smith's picture... and he likes it!

Whahooo!!! :-D

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