February 14, 2010

If I told you I loved you...

February 14th, 2010. Valentine's Day . or . Single's Awareness Day.

Oh yes, here we are again! And may I say, a beautiful day it is! Once, at the ripe old age of 16, this day was the most horrible thing E.V.E.R. It made me feel horrid and alone (despite the lovely box of candy Mom and Dad always gave me).

This year, however, I am happy to be exactly where I am. :) You're only young once. And single youth can be even more amazing! I mean, com'on... how likely is it that if I had some fella around he'd wanna watch Bourne Ultimatum with me tonight? Not likely (and yes, I am going to).

The past few years have shown me that these years of single young adulthood could either be the best or worst years I've ever had... I've decided to make them the best. I don't really know what all that means, but I'm sure it will be chock-filled with crazy adventures and lots of learning! :)

One day, on February 14th, I will be able to go up to one heck of a special guy and tell him I love him and that will be amazing. But, the more amazing part will be when he says it back (insert big grin here).

God only knows when the next season of my life (*cough* the romantic gushy season) will start. But, until then... here's lookin' at you, kid! ;-)

If I told you I loved you, would you say it back..... or run away?

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