August 21, 2010

Top Pics: Part 4

Here we are again, folks!

Today's subject.....



You know the drill.

And for those of you who are either in these, or know who they are.... this is NOT a personality/popularity contest. ;)


  1. you should put numbers for those of us who can't count. But totally #5. And because I answered first that means there's no question. The lighting, the composition, the dreamy smiles. ah, perfect. ;-)

  2. I'm gonna go with 5 as well. Just an overall good picture. =)

  3. I like 2, 3, 5 and 7. And now that I've written that I don't remember what they were and so I can't finalize my vote.

    Dreamy smiles? those are impish grins ;-)

  4. #3 has my vote. the lines, the color, the composition... magnifico.

    although I will say the girl in #6 is pretty darn cute.

  5. I guess the kisses have it. I was going to say number 5 (although I am very partial to no 3).