August 13, 2010

Top Pics - Part 2

So, unfortunately I have been without a computer the past few days (yay for tech!). I am posting from a remote location at the moment, but we are moving on with our Top Pics marathon....

Today's subject... *drum roll please*

Babies (and yes, Cherise, there will be fewer pictures this time).



Tell me your thoughts! (and actually tell me this time! don't just look at the page and smile. ;) )


  1. Rachelle's famous!
    She gets my vote, although 1 is pretty close behind.

  2. #2. I love the candidness of #1, but the lighting and composition is lovely on #2

  3. Well, this is rather complicated. We all know #3 is the handsomest. But he didn't give you his best smile. ;) But #1 is adorable and smiling. So I would have to say #1.

    Aren't you proud of me? So unbiased and everything... ;)

  4. I'm gonna have to go with number two. The lighting is lovely.

  5. I love the light and the angle of 2. :) It's soft and sweet, but right at her level and very clear. So precious! They are all absolutely breathtakingly adorable, though. :)

  6. The light is really wonderful on #2. We all know #3 is the favorite. :P Though #1 has a nice "stop action" feel to it and puts you right in the action, the expression is not quite what one would want it to be. Great job!