January 23, 2010

The New Baby

YES!!! It's here! It's beautiful! It will change my life (well, maybe)!

Nikon D40. Doesn't that sound magnificent? Beauty to the ear of a photographer!

Since I purchased my first DSLR, I have had many people ask me what my first photo would be. And honestly, for the first few days, I had no idea what it should be. I mean, you only get thatfirst photo once. I surely didn't want to screw that up!

After three days, however, I decided that it was time to push off the concern and just snap a shot already!!! And from the looks of things, there is no doubt that I am a college student and definitely a girl! :-)

And I will just have to trust that you will not think me horribly conceited for posting a picture of myself. ;-)


  1. ok, so i think i might be the first first first person to comment...

    just gotta say you chose one of the best camera's out there... glad you got it...

    oh, and btw, i am not biased in any way... :P :P

    glad you chose nikon...

    uncle 'nikon' joe

  2. Adorable self-portrait, darling! Love it!

    (And why on earth is Joe posting as your uncle?)

  3. i wasn't posting as her uncle, i was posting as both my screen-names... 'uncle joe' and 'uncle nikon'...

    if you can't tell, i like being an uncle.... :P :P

  4. Hahaha! So, I feel like a total ditz! I only just realized that there were comments here! oooops!

    Thanks for posting, guys! :) Y'all are so encouraging. :)