June 19, 2011

Abigail - Just Because

So, I am sincerely hoping that this is my last post on Blogger. 

Very shortly I'll be moving to a REAL WEBSITE!!!! (designed by my sister, Cherise). I'm so super excited, and I can't wait until it's finished and I get to unveil the amazing evidence of her creativity. 

But, until then, I will leave you with the portraits of my other favorite girl in the world... My roommate, Abigail. 

Isn't she lovely?  
Isn't she wonderful?  
Isn't she precious?  
Less than one minute old.  
Isn't she pretty?  
Truly the angels' best. 
Boy, I'm so happy.  
We have been heaven blessed.  
I can't believe what God has done.  
Through us, He's given life to one.  
But isn't she lovely, made from love. 

1 comment:

  1. She is indeed lovely! Looking forward to seeing your new website!