October 31, 2010

Top Pics: Part 10!!!!!

Here we are kiddos.... the grand finale.... you've voted. you've commented. you've told me that i just need to pick my own favorite. but... here is one last chance to help me. :)

Here are the final results from the last few months of photos.

Time for you to chose. Your ultimate favorite.


  1. Wow, that's hard. But I think I'd say #7--the B&W portrait. It has wonderful composition, and just works really well. But these are all awesome photos...so hard to choose!

  2. I will rise above my bias and say #4

  3. I'm torn between 4 and the b&w of Kelly...those two are really the best.

  4. #6 - the bridge one. then #3 then #9. :D