September 16, 2010

Top Pics: Part 7

Well I realized that my determination to NOT let school take over my life isn't working so well....

Two weeks and no posting. Shameful.

So, picking up where we left of... Todays subject.....

Engagement! (yay, so much fun!)

Let's hear it, kids! :)


  1. While 1 is a great action shot, and 6 is nice, I'm gonna have to say 3. Simple, to the point, and elegant.

  2. well we all know who's the cutest couple... but I'm voting for #1. ;-) I'd say #5 but you didn't have as good a camera then. And the girl has a funny look on her face. ;-)

  3. My vote would definitely have to go towards #1. Super cute. :)