June 2, 2010

Bright Bracelets and Indian Food

Ever thought of your jewelry as a conversation starter? Well, believe me, it certainly can be. I happened to be wearing these bracelets (thanks, B'gail!) one day when I went to an Indian restaurant for lunch. As I sat down, the waiter noticed the bracelets and asked me if I had been to India. After I responded in the negative, I was pretty sure the "conversation" was over.

haha! Nooooope! Over the course of the half hour that I was in the restaurant, the guy went on to tell me his life story since coming to the US seven years ago. Quite a story it was too!

I will confess to having been surprised at the conversation, especially seeing as I almost didn't walk in to the tiny place that day. Divine appointment or not, I will now certainly be praying for the little man, "KP" from India, who worked at the little Indian place on Valley Pike. :)

Wear your jewelry boldly, ladies. You never know what people it will lead you to.

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