May 1, 2010

Change of Plans..

Tonight didn't end up at all as planned.

I had planned to work until 12 midnight sharp on those last, little details to wrap up the semester. I intended to focus. I was going to get it all done. It was going to be organized and if not completely finished... it was going to be as close as humanly possible to being finished!

And then I got kidnapped.


Someone asked me if I wanted to go bowling with a group of other students... and I said no, I needed to work.

Next thing I knew, I was in the backseat of someone's car. Driving down the highway. With two guys and another girl. But this was not the only change of plans to take place.

What was going to be a nice and easy trip to the bowling alley turned into wild series of events.... that ended up leaving us at the bowling alley itself for only about 10 minutes.

Just to name a few... we stopped at delightful little corner in the wall place to get sushi (because I was with two guys, so of course food had to be involved. And Blythe knew of this awesome place! booyah! beat all the other peeps who went to McDonalds instead!). We then set off in search of a place to eat our yummy goodness which resulted in a run around downtown Leesburg (and yes, we were actually running) through all sorts of random spots and a few somewhat ghetto situations (whahoo!). We eventually found ourselves eating our late night dinner on the grass lawn in front of Town Hall. After another run around town, we got back in the car and drove over to meet up with the rest of the group at the bowling alley. If we stayed more than 10 minutes, I'd be surprised. :)

Our drive back to campus was filled with random questions and deep thought filled conversations. When we got back, we just sat in the car in a dark parking lot and furthered discussions.

Eventually we all went our separate ways and ended up back in our rooms again.

Needless to say... none of my work got done. But, it was an incredible night and quite the awesome way to say goodbye to another semester. I wouldn't have changed a minute of it! :)

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

(and in case you were wondering... no, the flowers are not related to the evening at all. they're just pretty colors to brighten your day).

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